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Oceans Alert’s mission is to help restore the health of the oceans and waterways, to help rebuild healthy and sustainable fish populations, to help find methods of testing for mercury poisoning in humans that are not misleading, to help find reliable noninvasive means of testing for and removing toxins in humans.

Oceans Alert is concentrating its efforts on mercury. See also campaigns regarding PCB’s


Mercury is a neurotoxin that causes mental and physical disabilities.

Where does it come from?

About 25% is from nature itself, e.g. volcanoes. 75% is man made.

A major source is the emissions from Coal-Fired Power Plants. When they land in water, the mercury in the emissions is converted by bacteria to methylmercury, a highly poisonous form of mercury. The methylmercury then gets into the fish, and through them into us, threatening and causing mercury poisoning.

Everything possible must be done to reduce mercury emissions from Coal-Fired Power Plants, Chlorine Plants that utilize Mercury, and all other sources of Mercury contamination.


PCB’s are carcinogens. Large quantities were dumped in our waterways by companies that used them in fire retardants, in insulators, and as plasticizers in electrical devises. They are often exposed to the environment through leaky equipment, illegal dumping, waste oil from electrical equipment, and hazardous waste. They contaminate fish. They are heavily present in farmed salmon and in many other fish.