Distribute Fish Guides

Oceans Alert believes it is critical to spread information concerning the safety of the fish we consume and the sustainability of their fisheries.  Much of the fish we all eat on a regular basis, like Atlantic Salmon and Yellowfin Tuna are dangerously contaminated.  There are also many species of fish that are commonly for sale that have been severely over-fished, some to near extinction.

Thus, it is important to educate people not only on what fish is healthy or harmful, but which fish come from sustainable fisheries and which come from over-fished areas.  We understand that it is hard to remember all the fish that are fine to eat and which should be avoided, so we are providing you with links to POCKET GUIDES that you can carry with you to reference in restaurants.  Remember, ALWAYS ASK where the fish comes from, for certain types of fish are healthier from the Pacific than the Atlantic, or may be farmed instead of wild-caught.  The server or fish dealer might not know where it is from, but if more people start asking, it will encourage them to have the information available and realize that people are concerned about the safety of their fish. 



  • Download it here http://www.blueoceaninstitute.org/seafood/

  • This fish guide deals exclusively with the ecological concerns of the fisheries from which the fish are caught/grown.  It does not address the health of the actual fish for consumption by humans.

  • You can view the fish guide or easily order one.