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From Scientific American

Study Questions Wisdom of Harvesting Only the Largest Fish

Historical Overfishing Started the Problems Marine Ecosystems Now Face


Political Resources

Be Politically Involved! Local, State, and Federal Representatives do pay attention to your letters, telegrams, phone calls and email.


Find your congressional representatives at Congress Merge


Find your state representatives by going to your state's web site. If you're not registered to vote and are eligible, voter registration information will be available here:


Not every municipality has a web site. Consult the blue pages in your phone book to call your local mayor's office, or use google to do a search.

Part of being politically involved is knowing what's going on in Congress. The links below will give you the inside information about what congress and other government agencies are doing.


Library of Congress THOMAS system — find the skinny on any legislative bill in Congress. An amazing tool regularly used by anyone really active in politics (including lobbyists). The keyword search is very powerful. You can also search by Representative, Senator or Bill Number, and more. Bookmark this page!

Department of Commerce—If you don't know how many agencies that impact our daily live are under the DOC, you should.

Coastal and Marine Resources—Listing of Coastal and Marine Resources under the auspices of the Department of Commerce.

NOAA—National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminsitration

EPA—Environmental Protection Agency

Arctic Ocean WFB Listing — Facts about the Artic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean WFB Listing — Facts about the Atlantic Ocean

Indian Ocean WFB Listing — Facts about the Indian Ocean

Pacific Ocean WFB Listing — Facts about the Pacific Ocean

Southern Ocean WFB Listing — Facts about the Southern Ocean

Other News Resources

Cascadia Times — Report on the overfishing of the Bering Sea to cronyism and mismanagement

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